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Camping versus Living

Almost two months ago, we left our land base behind to move onto our sailboat Tomahawk. At first, we thought of it as camping out for the summer, but now we are beginning to understand how you can live comfortably in such a small, isolated space.

If you truly want to make your boat a home, it has to have everything you need. We bought some bins at Home Depot recently, so that we can get our key items out of storage and have everything accessible on the boat. Our goal is to cut down our belongings to what fits onboard (other than Jason’s instruments).

To end the suspense, I’ll tell you now that the breaking glass¬†was our friend Jamie’s French press crashing to the floor. English Bay can get a bit choppy and rocky, especially when the swells hit the boat side on instead of on the bow or stern. We promptly stowed all other items left out by Jamie in his chaotic haste to depart on time with the delivery boat and crew.

When our False Creek permit for Tomahawk expired, we successfully transferred our lives over to Paramour and moved the comparatively massive boat into the Creek. Soon, we will do the same in reverse. It works out well for us right now.

Last time, I mentioned that our brand new engine isn’t working right. When we start it, it stalls out as soon as we put the choke in. We’ve figured out how to keep it going by feeding it more gas than it should need to idle, but now we’ve encountered other issues. Once it’s on, it runs great, but when we shut it off, it refuses to start again for a while. We experienced this under uncomfortable circumstances when we were trying to motor back into the anchorage and ended up having to drop anchor to avoid hitting other boats or drifting too far into the swim area.

Of course, it decided to work perfectly right after we made that decision, so Jason had to pull the anchor right back up again. Lovely times.

(On the same outing, we learned we still have far to go before we can sail comfortably or efficiently… or even in the direction we want to go.)

Everyone says the problem is the carburetor, but we beg to differ, since we’re so knowledgeable and all. The reason for our opinion is that when we took it into the dealer, they charged us a hefty sum and proceeded to tell us that it worked perfectly. So we think the issue lies in the fuel setup. We still have our old tank from the original engine, so we are going to try hooking it up to that to see how it goes. Internet research suggests a vacuum is forming in the tank, which could explain why it won’t start the second time around.


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